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Sponsored by the Ministry of Information Industry of the People? Republic of China (MII) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and organized by China National Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Corp. (PTAC) and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC), PT/EXPO COMM CHINA has always kept pace with the dramatic growing of Chinese economy and the continuous, rapid and healthy development of the information industry in China. Since first held, it is always the largest and most influential event in the field of information and communications in China. After entering the 21st century, it has become one of the largest international information and communications exhibitions in Asia as well as in the world. It is one of the four largest exhibitions in Asia and one of the four biggest exhibitions in China. The co-organizers are all of the six telecom carriers in China including China Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Satcom and China Tietong.


For a long time, PT/EXPO COMM CHINA have attracted many domestic and foreign information and communications enterprises by its famous brands and its extensive influence. With the development and evolution of the information and communications technologies and the continuous extension of the industry chain, the exhibition has become a great event for all telecom operators, technology and equipment providers, system integrators, end manufacturers, Internet service and content providers, media, distributors and mass consumers to jointly participate.

PT/EXPO COMM CHINA and PT/WIRELESS & NETWORKS COMM CHINA has passed qualifications of UFI and obtained the UFI membership. At present, it is the only communications exhibition in China which has the UFI membership.

In addition to PT/EXPO COMM CHINA, each year the Corporation holds a domestic communications products exhibition which is of extensive and important influence in the telecom circle.

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